Pipeline Consultant with over 35 years experience

Representative Assignments

  • Project Manager for the design and construction of a 2 Bcf gas storage facility in northwest Alabama. Responsibilities were expanded to include operation and marketing of the facility for expansion to 7.5 Bcf.
  • Consultant to a U.S. energy company for the evaluation and implementation of the delivery system for a major oil field in south Louisiana.
  • Consultant for the specification development, bid package preparation and bid evaluation for 15 tanks ranging in size from 15K to 200K barrels in South Texas.
  • Pipeline due diligence responsibility for the acquisition of $200+ million of mid-stream assets in West Texas.
  • Consultant to a major public utility for divestiture of 87 miles of pipeline and 6.5 million barrels of storage in the Houston area. The initial installed value of the system totaled $200 million.
  • Valuation and due diligence responsibility for the acquisition of three offshore pipeline systems in the Gulf of Mexico. The three systems total 78 miles in length and gather 60 million cubic feet of natural gas per day.
  • Due diligence responsibility for the acquisition of an onshore gas transmission system in Texas. The system will gather gas production from several South Texas producing fields into a large gas processing plant south of Houston.
  • Commercial and technical adviser to an international petrochemical company for the development and construction of a new pipeline delivery system in the Houston Ship Channel area. Responsibilities for this $30 million project included feasibility studies, contract negotiations, technical oversight and general adviser to senior management.
  • Pipeline marketing survey for a new $145 million gas plant planned for construction in the Midwest. This study evaluated all available pipeline alternatives to transport liquid products from the plant to markets and/or storage.
  • Consultant for the valuation of a 900-mile crude oil pipeline from West Texas to the Gulf Coast. The valuation focused on determining a Net Salvage Value to be used for a re-alignment of ownership among the partners.
  • Preliminary valuation of an existing pipeline near Houston. The client wanted to know an approximate value of the line in various services, e.g., refined products, crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids.
  • Consultant for the scoping, hydraulic analysis, design and estimating for several gathering systems in Texas and Oklahoma.  Products included natural gas, crude oil, condensate and produced water.
  • Consultant to a major coal mining company for negotiations with two pipeline operating companies for costs to protect three large-diameter, high pressure pipelines from possible damage caused by subsidence during mining operation in southern Illinois.
  • Project Manager for the design and construction of two crude oil truck unloading terminals in N. Dakota.
  • Expert witness in several industry-related lawsuits. Lead expert for the defendant in a products pipeline explosion resulting in three deaths and several hundred millions of dollars in claims. Lead expert for the defendant in a breach of contract case involving the acquisition of oil and gas assets in West Texas.

Partial Client List

  • Alliance Pipeline Ltd.
  • Bayer Corporation
  • Nuevo Midstream Dos
  • Penn Virginia Corporation
  • Linde
  • Blue Dolphin
  • Equilon Pipeline Company LLC
  • Texon L.P.
  • Hilcorp Energy Company
  • Reliant Energy
  • Swift Energy
  • Oaktree Capital

What The Clients Say. . .

“I couldn’t speak more highly of anyone. He did excellent work. He is one of the finest gentlemen I have ever met.”


“Overall very easy to work with. A good self-starter. Very good at getting things to completion without being prodded. You can give him the ball and he will run with it!”


“His highest value is his integrity. He tells it the way it is. He lays it out tactfully, but gives you the real picture.”

Blue Dolphin